Build health from the ground up.

Soil-derived microbiome support that goes beyond probiotics, seeking not to add, but to defend against toxins, spark cellular connection, and build foundational gut health.

ION Gut Health Supplement Benefits
  • How ION* works

  • Our entire product line starts nurturing connection at the literal foundation of health, with cell-to-cell integrity.

  • Healthy cellular connection

    How ION Works - Improve Gut Health - Step 1
  • Cells damaged by toxins like glyphosate

    How ION Works - Improve Gut Health - Step 2
  • Cellular connection reactivated after ION*

    How ION Works - Improve Gut Health - Step 3
  • ION Gut Health Supplement 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 60-Day Risk-Free, Money-Back Guarantee

"We are facing the largest chronic disease crisis in history due to the loss of microbiome diversity. Connection to the intelligence of nature is our saving grace."

— Zach Bush MD (founder)


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    It works! It is an amazing product, really works. It is completely different to anything out there. Dr Zach Bush is a visionary scientist and doctor.
    - Candy T.
  • star star star star star
    Noticeable benefits, so far so good... have tried lots of other products before throughout about 8 years of IBS/Leaky gut and nothing has worked this quickly, and without any undesired bulking agents, preservatives or other nasties. So happy I went in for that appointment! Will keep taking this product for as long as I'm advised to and will definitely recommend.
    - Cocoa D.
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    I wish I'd found it sooner. Life changing! This product has helped my digestion and food sensitivity so much.
    - Kate S.