ION Gut Support Supplement Story

ION* is always evolving

At ION*, we are all about connection: cell to cell, person to planet. And while our mission is evergreen, our pursuit to reawaken connection is ever evolving.

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Our origins are micro.

The ION* path was first laid in 2012 when an obscure soil science article showed Dr. Zach Bush, Founder and CEO, a family of carbon molecules capable of partnering with the human body. Already primed with a passion for finding root-cause solutions to human health problems, Dr. Zach and team set off to better define how we support the microbiome - our foundation of wellness. The answer didn't lie in the probiotics industry, but through our bodies’ innate drive to heal and thrive. The domino effect of good health, they found, was a function of supporting, not supplementing.

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  • We haven't stopped with the microbiome - our mission is macro.

    Since that first step in 2012, our passion for supporting your health has been matched only by our mission to reawaken planetary connection. We are forging a path to restoration across the planet and it is critical that our pursuit of health begins with reconnecting to nature. We are dedicated to supporting a better world for future generations by contributing to Farmer's Footprint.

    Farmer's Footprint, a 501(c)(3), is a coalition of farmers, educators, doctors, scientists, business leaders and a passionately engaged community aiming to expose the human and environmental impacts of chemical farming and offering a path forward through regenerative agricultural practices. Learn more at

  • From micro to macro and back down again, our path continues.

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    • Bottles

      Our new bottles are comprised of 50% post-consumer resin (PCR) HDPE plastic.

      • PCR plastic production has a lower carbon footprint than virgin/new plastic production.
      • Reduces amount of plastic in landfills and waste management

      In general, HDPE is the most commonly recycled plastic and is considered one of the safest forms of plastic. It is a relatively simple and cost-effective process to recycle HDPE plastic for secondary use.

    • Labels

      The paper stock for our new labels is made with 15% by-product from citrus juice production. The remaining paper contains 40% of post-consumer recycled fiber and 45% virgin wood pulp.

      Our paper stock is also made from FSC® certified paper. The FSC® certification ensures that products come from well managed forests that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits. The FSC® chain of custody certification verifies that FSC® certified material is identified or kept segregated from non-certified or non-controlled material through this chain.

    • Boxes

      Our shipping boxes are all manufactured from recycled cardboard using water-based (non-toxic) ink.

    • Waste

      In an effort to reduce plastic overall, we have decided to discontinue our kid's product, ION*Gut Health For Kids. As it is the same formula as our adult product, which we still sell in an 8oz bottle, we could think of no reason not to combine whole family health into one product.