Restore has evolved. Meet ION*.
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RESTORE™ started with a simple concept: create an all-natural solution to gut health. By defending the body from toxins like glyphosate, and restoring tight junction integrity, our name directly reflected the product benefit – a benefit that has since been evidenced by the many people who take it every day. We love our roots, but we want to spread those roots and share this amazing product with our global community. So, we have rebranded to realize the full human health potential of our unique product.

The new ION* brand allows us to expand our search for natural solutions to modern human health. It is inspired by the Intelligence of Nature – the source that enables us to work on both the micro and macro levels to further the connection between the science and the natural world. ION*Gut Health for adults, kids and pets and ION*Sinus are the new names for the same incredible products that will continue to provide the same great results.